Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monitoring My GAME Plan Progress

According to Cennamo, Ross and Ertmer (2009), self-directed learners engage in planning, evaluating and monitoring their learning activities. Therefore, as a way to monitor my professional growth and leadership development, I have decided to create an electronic portfolio that demonstrates the technology learning activities used with my students across all content areas. So far, I have begun the process of including in my portfolio interactive Smart Board activities and writing assignments that my students have created on the computer. As the school year continues, I plan to implement a variety of technology related activities students have used to help make learning more engaging and interactive.

In addition, as a way to more efficiently monitor my progress, I have slightly modified my action plan. I have decided to update my electronic portfolio on a weekly basis, instead of monthly. Updating my portfolio weekly allows me the opportunity to include interactive technology activities as I complete my weekly lesson plans. I have learned that integrating technology into the curriculum as I create my lesson plan ensures my students more frequent opportunities to be enriched throughout every school week.

As a way to increase my self-directed learning, I have used more online resources to increase my knowledge and learn new skills about integrating technology across content areas. I have also continued professional dialogue with my colleagues, on a weekly basis, about the interactive technology activities I have used in various subject areas.

The new question I have to explore is how to find more time to incorporate individual use of technology on a weekly basis, instead of just using the interactive Smart Board for whole group lessons. Last year, I used to check out the wireless laptop cart once a week for my students to use as an added piece to their technology integration. Unfortunately, with the way our schedule works this year, I have found it very challenging to find an extended period of the day where I can get the wireless laptop cart, set it up and allow time for students to work independently. I may have to sign up for the computer lab that is already set up with computers instead of bringing the wireless laptop cart to my classroom. Although the students thought it was cool to have laptops in the classroom once a week, this year’s students may have to experience the computers in a different way due to less flexibility in our class schedule this year.


Cennamo, K., Ross J., and Ertmer, P. (2009). Technology integration for meaningful classroom use: A standards-based approach. (Laureate Education, Inc., Custom ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Carrying Out My GAME Plan

After reviewing my GAME Plan, I realize that I will need the continual support of my colleagues to further my professional growth. I have begun the process of creating an electronic portfolio by having the students type a paragraph that describes an Ultimate Playground Project that they recently created for homework. The students were able to type their stories at school while being introduced to some basic computer skills. I have created a folder with all of their typed paragraphs on the school’s database and I plan to post their paragraphs on our class webpage. In addition, I plan to use our class webpage as the main source for others to view the items in my electronic portfolio. I will ask our technology support staff for additional help on creating links that parents can easily click on to see all of the technology projects students have created throughout the school year.

I hope that parents and staff members will be able to see the progression of student capabilities on the computer as the school year continues. I will continue to use the support and creative ideas from my Walden colleagues through online discussions and our learning resources to gain further information needed that will help make this electronic portfolio a success.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Developing My Personal GAME Plan


In order to be a more self-directed and lifelong learner, I would like to strengthen my confidence and proficiency in the following two areas:


• Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

• Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity


In order to engage in professional growth and leadership, I would like to take further action towards increasing my skills and knowledge in the area of integrating technology in the classroom. One way to accomplish this goal is to grow from the knowledge gained from my master’s degree education through Walden University. I will use the ideas gained from my course resources and the experiences shared from my colleagues to enhance my own learning experiences. I will also use the online resources from professional journals to increase my level of understanding with various technological tools and programs that can be useful to increase student learning.

According to Cennamo, et al. (2009), creative thinkers have the ability to “generate a large number of original ideas”. In order to motivate my students to become more creative thinkers, I will model creative and innovative thinking within my classroom. I hope that through my modeling, students will be able to reflect upon and demonstrate more creative thinking. Students will also use more technology to develop their creative thinking and reasoning skills. Finally, I plan to use more authentic instruction to facilitate creative thinking by providing more opportunities to have experimental, inductive and hands-on learning across content areas.


As a way to monitor my professional growth and leadership, Cennamo, Ross, and Ertmer (2009) recommend I “find a product or performance that will demonstrate to myself and others that I have obtained my goal”. Therefore, I will monitor and reflect on my professional growth by creating a portfolio of the technology used with my students across various content areas. I plan to update my portfolio monthly with a description of the technology used within my classroom as well as the response and success technology had towards my students’ overall achievement and engagement towards learning.

In addition, I will use the same portfolio to monitor my goal with facilitating student creativity and learning. I hope that the technology used will also enhance students’ abilities to express their creativity and interests in learning.


As a way to evaluate my portfolio, I will continuously reflect on how the use of technology in the classroom has helped increase both my professional growth and student learning. As a way to evaluate student achievement, I will compare my current students’ test scores and project outcomes to those of last year and see if there were any gains in overall student achievement. I will also ask my students to complete a survey in which they describe how, if at all, technology has influenced their learning and creativity throughout the school year.


Cennamo, K., Ross J., and Ertmer, P. (2009). Technology integration for meaningful classroom use: A standards-based approach. (Laureate Education, Inc., Custom ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.