Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Carrying Out My GAME Plan

After reviewing my GAME Plan, I realize that I will need the continual support of my colleagues to further my professional growth. I have begun the process of creating an electronic portfolio by having the students type a paragraph that describes an Ultimate Playground Project that they recently created for homework. The students were able to type their stories at school while being introduced to some basic computer skills. I have created a folder with all of their typed paragraphs on the school’s database and I plan to post their paragraphs on our class webpage. In addition, I plan to use our class webpage as the main source for others to view the items in my electronic portfolio. I will ask our technology support staff for additional help on creating links that parents can easily click on to see all of the technology projects students have created throughout the school year.

I hope that parents and staff members will be able to see the progression of student capabilities on the computer as the school year continues. I will continue to use the support and creative ideas from my Walden colleagues through online discussions and our learning resources to gain further information needed that will help make this electronic portfolio a success.


  1. You have been busy implementing your GAME plan. I like the idea of the electronic portfolio. If students know their work is going to be published, they may produce some of their best work.

  2. Jewel,
    You have a great plan! Displaying your students' work on your class webpage will make them so proud. It also gives parents a chance to see what you are teaching in class.

  3. Have you ever heard of Student Treasures? It's a publishing company that publishes student work in a hard cover book.... I have been using them for many years... This might be a something you could use in your electronic portfolio??? maybe???

  4. Kelley,

    I agree with you. When students know they are being held accountable to their work, they tend to put their best foot forward. Thanks for your comments.

  5. Angie,

    Thanks for looking over my plan. I am excited to see how well parents enjoy viewing their child's projects on our class webpage. I think this provides a great way for them to not only see their child's work, but to also see how well they measure up against other students in the class.

  6. Mrs. Bowman,

    I've never heard of Student Treasures. Thanks for your recommendation, I will definitely look into that today! It sounds like something I would definitely be interested in using with my students. Thanks again.