Sunday, December 6, 2009

Profiling Students of Today

I provided a brief questionnaire to my second grade students about how much exposure to technology they believe they have at home on a daily basis. I also asked them several questions about how computers are helpful to them at school and whether it could help promote their learning. Finally, I allowed some students to record their responses of how they would like to use technology in our classroom.

I was very impressed by their responses and extremely surprised that all of my students said they had computers at home and a large majority of them also had access to the internet.  I was extremely relieved to discover that their families were in the right direction towards helping them become successful members of the 21st century. 

Just to give you a brief overview of my students, I have 19 seven and eight year olds in my classroom.  There are 9 boys and 10 girls in my class.  I also have 3 Indian students, 4 Caucasian students, 5 Hispanic students, 5 African American students, and 2 Asian students.  My class is pretty well diverse, but they all seem to have the love of learning with the use of technology in common.  This is one area where race and gender does not seem to matter and it truly holds no bearing on how excited they are about integrating technology within the classroom. 

Finally, this was my first time ever creating a podcast as well as my first time using audacity to create voice recordings.  While I was extremely nervous about this experience, I must say my students were beaming with excitement.  They all wanted to have the opportunity to hear their voices being recorded and it made me realize that even the simplest things with technology can make them happy.  At my school, every year classes are encouraged to submit a media festival project and I have decided to create a podcast with my entire class through reader's theatre.  I think this will be a great experience for not only my students to enjoy, but for other classes to enjoy and learn from as well.

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