Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Final Reflection on My GAME Plan

As I reflect on my past experiences with implementing technology in the classroom, I am pleased to know that I have used technology in a variety of ways to help support student learning. Unfortunately, I was not always consistent with measuring how technology was used to enhance student learning within my classroom. I did not have a GAME plan that addressed the needs of my students academically and provided ways in which I planned to meet those needs. Now, I am much more guided and focused on how I use technology within the classroom to meet the needs of my students across all content areas.

After establishing a GAME plan that aims to facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity, I have been much more conscientious about how integrating technology truly does make a difference in developing students to be 21st century learners. As a result of implementing a GAME plan for this school year, I have developed an electronic portfolio that keeps track of which technology related programs, activities or projects I’ve used to enhance student learning on a weekly basis.

To help make my electronic portfolio even more meaningful, I would like to add a brief comment section, where I describe whether the technology related activity used was successful or needed some improvements or adjustments in order to help students learn at their highest level. I hope that the comment section will help guide my instruction for future activities and act as an additional way for me to monitor and evaluate student learning and progress throughout the school year. Ultimately, I would like to use this electronic portfolio as a valuable resource that will also guide my instruction and future GAME plans for the years to come.

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