Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Using the GAME Plan Process with My Students

When I think about the progress I’ve made over the past several weeks with my GAME plan, I can definitely see how using this same approach with my students can help them grow and develop into 21st century learners. In today’s time, students need to perform well in the technology standards and indicators outlined in the NTES-S. More specifically, I believe the areas of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making are especially important for students to develop in order to thrive at school and in the work place. With their colleagues and fellow classmates, students need to know how to appropriately identify problems, plan solutions, collect and analyze data to identify their solutions, and use multiple tools to communicate their solutions.

When I think about our Content Area Unit Plan and its three major parts (problem based learning, collaborative activities, and digital storytelling), I can see how using the GAME plan with students could help to make this unit a success. For instance, at the beginning of the unit, students can create an overall goal for completing their lesson objectives. Next, they can establish a plan of action for how they will accomplish their goals throughout the unit. Then, students can monitor their goals along the way through writing self reflections in their journals. Finally, students can evaluate the achievement of their learning goals through informal and formal assessments. As a result of going through this type of GAME plan throughout our unit, students will gain further proficiency in the standards outlined from the NTES-S.


  1. Hi Jewel,

    I completely agree with you. GAME plan is a perfect road map for students and it helps them be more self-directed and see where they are and where they need to go. Also, integrating technology with all the standards and using it to promote development of critical, creative and problem solving skills is what we all need to
    strive towards.



  2. Jewel,

    Giving the students a template to how to achieve their goals is a first step to success. If we believe and give them the steps they will achieve digital success.

  3. Hi Jewel,

    I like your statement about how important communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making are important skills our students can learn through problem-based learning and implementing technology. Requiring our students to to follow the GAME plan is a great way to ensure students practice these skills.

  4. Thank you everyone for your useful insights. I will definitely keep them in mind as I continue on while implementing my GAME plan with my students.